In the time of need, do you give or take all for yourself?

    I have always been the person to take care of the people around me. Whether is doing favors here and there, or spoiling them with gifts and love. I’m not here writing about how good of a person I am, because no one is perfect. The thought has occurred to me that what if something were to happen to Earth, and civilization was now on the brink of extinction and humans were to fend for themselves. Would I put greed infront of all the other traits I possess and do whatever I could to survive? I see a young man dehydrated while carrying enough water with me to spare a drink, would I stop and give him water or continue along my way?Of course, many of us would say “Of course I would stop! Why wouldn’t you?”

Realistically, I believe human instincts kick in and many of us would fail at helping one another survive. I would pray that it would never come to that situation, but as our society gets older, unity finds itself dead last. No one knows what they would do until the situation arises, but I know I would do my best to survive—the right way. I rather die helping others around me than surviving alone with everything .